Welcome to Eaglewood Subdivision information page. This information is designed to help consumers understand the community and learn more about why people consistently choose to make Eaglewood their choice for living, raising a family and investing in their future through a home purchase.


While many “Alaskans” move to Alaska to get away from rules and being told what to do, when it comes to homeownership being a part a community which protects your largest investment just might be the right choice for you. You can get a copy of the Protective Covenants & Restrictions here for your review. With many other locations in Alaska you are welcome to maintain your property as you see fit, which includes your neighbors doing the same. While I find that most homeowners have a sense of pride in their property, there are occasions where renters and homeowners alike have a very different opinion on what good curb appeal is like. The overall goal of a subdivision such as Eaglewood is to help unify the homeowners and maintain a subdivision where everyone can share in the the pride of their community which in turn helps to maintain the property values in the area. This is one of the major reasons I see people choose to buy in a neighborhood like Eaglewood. Property values have sustained over time and the overall appearance of the subdivision continues to bring new buyers into the area.


Alaskans tend to be very transient and move about every 6 years. I have had the pleasure of talking with many of the homeowners in this subdivision and they have lived here for over 20 years and have no plans on moving because they love the area. This is one of the few subdivisions in Alaska that has such a nice lit trail system in their neighborhood. The common areas are well maintained by the Homeowners Association.  Many people don't realize the property taxes are tend to be a bit lower as well due to the fact the HOA takes care of so much. There is a great FB page where you can get info on the coming and going in the area, everything from updates on the roads, keep you eye for suspicious activity and other great community events like the FREE dumpster (provided by Les Bailey & Associates Real Estate Team).


Some of the common complaints I have heard from homeowners over the years about this subdivision include the following:

  • Being held accountable for maintaining the yard
  • Paying homeowners association (HOA) dues
  • Many owners have recreational vehicles and they can not be stored in front of the house for any extended time. They can be stored on the property if they are behind an enclosed fence.
  • If you plan to paint your house you have to get approval through the design committee.

These are things to be aware of if you are considering Eaglewood as a place to call home.

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